June was the fastest month of the year… so far

but things just seem to be speeding up…

Not sure what happened this (last) month it flew by so fast. We spent the first couple weeks simply trying to catch up… first notable thing – the grass grew to over head high and then dried up, stood there, broke off, got trompled and now lays there dry and getting dusty… all in one short month. But, lots else happened too I guess. Especially if you include the first week of July… which I am going to.

So then – skipping right to the week of the 24th because that’s the first thing I can really remember it went by so darn fast…

At the Woodside Horse Park for a 8th consecutive try at the Speed Derby. Zan Chin was her usual self – charged herself to a second placing .

Then on the next Friday night, July 1st Zan Chin simply blazed ahead of the others to the first place again and Elle was Champion in the 1.30. Life is good.

And then she repeated that again yesterday..with a super smooth clean round she won it again –

So in 10 consecutive outings at Woodside – Zan Chin had an unprecedented 5 wins in a row 3 seconds and 2 more wins in a row… two years – ten consecutive rounds – ten different groups of horses. With other significant results in between her Woodside romps…I’d say she was fastest… and we’d match race anyone – 1.30 or below. Phew – sort of glad that is over now (for now)… after all she’s pregnant!

June did include some more extra curricular activities too – some trail rides, some pony carts…  some great rock and roll – Mudcrutch at the Fillmore was terrific more than once. Fawn patrol. Shooting deer. Always fixing fence. New rides… new views


and there’s s’more in store coming up still- wait… was that new rides ?

New horses? That’s always interesting. Stay tuned.

There is Sonoma at the end of the month and in August Zan and I will try to take the magic carpet ride they are offering up at Menlo and I’ll pick out our line for hopefully the fastest Ryman Memorial Speed class you have ever seen to finish our year off…

A special thanks – to the Hind family for unprecedented support for Zan Chin.

To my suppliers and my sponsors. And to my wife and family – thanks for ALL the support.

Congratulations 2016.jpg

Ciao Bella folks. Until next month. Be well.


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