The next few months will be great – SPRING will be Fast

Showing horses is always tons of fun – but in the Springtime it seems particularly special for some reason – this Spring we have three jumper derbies coming up one after another – (and then three more after that!)

Scarlett’s Derby at Blenheim is usually the first and often the last event of the year… Screen shot 2015-04-04 at 10.13.02 PMbut seeing as we’ve already been out this year it is neither, but next it is for sure…

The long drive south is always rewarded with fun in the sun on the green grass of the derby field at Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park. It is one of my favorite fields to ride on and including the grob, the bank, the water complex it is so fun and the courses in the derby there are like two courses in one… double the fun. IMG_1499Our horses seem to love it there. In San Juan Capistrano that time of year the weather is perfect the show is beautiful and flows well – the footing is great and the entries are free for the young jumpers…. you read that right – free entries for young jumpers… so – seeing as I don’t have one myself – I’ve pulled one out of a friends field and am diligently trying to play a bit of catch up – going to respectfully bring one 5 yr old and show my gratitude for the managements efforts to offer a special opportunity for the young jumpers – the future players of their business. And they offer two special classes for the under 10 yr olds too… that suits us well.

Then it’s Woodside. After last years run I am excitezan chin banner.jpgd to go back and give it another try – I say the jumps are too small making for a really fast go…   but it’s still tons of fun and we’ll see if we can have some more.

After the first Woodside, we are going to try to carry on up to Oregon for the Rose City Opener – and their Speed Derby.  The fences just reaching “slow us down height” so hopefully… we can all give our horses a great experience. This will be our first and may I say long overdue visit to the Newell’s facilityScreen shot 2016-03-05 at 1.21.23 PM.png and we can’t wait. We have heard so many nice things about their shows and their class suits Zan Chin perfectly. Should be great!

That’s the next three – shows / months – join us if you like there’s room in the trailer… it’s going to go by fast – watch.


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