2016 Phew…

What a year this is going to be – terrific- we can tell already. Our entries are in for Thermal (yes we are going this year for a couple weeks) and can not wait!

Our plan from there is to chase the derbies… the jumper derbies that is. Why? Because they are the most fun and give our horse great experiences in the ring!

First we’ll head off to Blenheim for the Scarlett’s Derby that they host usually during their first and last shows (March and September). We’ll do Woodside and then head up to Allied Show’s jumper derby the last week of May. Continue north to Thunderbird to see what’s up there for the first time in decades! Then back to Woodside for another go are the summer derbies there… and another trip down to Showpark for the YJC regionals and then Blenheim again for the YJF four year old finals.

We plan to finish the year this time by showing at Paso Robles Horse Park and Sacramento International in November.

Our plan includes along the way judging at the Woodside Horse Park for JK Presents and their first shows sanctioned by the Young Jumper Championships – they have a series of unrated but high quality schooling shows where points towards qualification to the YJC finals won’t cost a fortune – you should go to if you are in the Bay Area. I’ll do a clinic or two at Springdown in Portola Valley and continue to attend as many YJC qualifiers as possible.


That’s the plan anyway – and we couldn’t do any of it without a hugely supportive group of sponsors. Thanks!

We hope to see you on the road or back at the farm. Happy New Year everyone – 2016 is going to be awesome!


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