Gravity gains new influence at McFarm

Kelly McKnight's photo.

I had another incredible experience this week –
a fine combined training trainer Heidi McRae asked me to give her a little help with a horse she wanted to improve in stadium jumping…
The horse is nice and we’ll get him going so you’ll all want him as a hunter… (gorgeous – wait until you see him).

But she showed up with the most beautiful saddle – it was a work of art and a tool of our trade. Fit her and her horse like a glove. It was a prototype.
She gave me the story of a French saddlemaker based in Santa Cruz…
no I said… really?
But…It was a Devoucoux surely.. it was fairly obvious… ?
well it was sort of – only made in Santa Cruz.
It was hand made by Shamss –

In disbelief I called him up – I introduced myself. After a pleasant conversation I still couldn’t believe what I had heard.. so I made a trip down to see for myself… He is launching a new brand of fine saddles and tack from a small shop in Santa Cruz.

Well it’s for real. I didn’t even have to speak French or get on a plane! But It was like walking in to the back room at a fine shop in France – so nice!

The shop is small – the number of saddles he can make is very very limited.
Believe me – you want one of his saddles – and he wants to be your saddler – for life! His philosophy is to make a saddle and then back it up for as long as you have it.

An experience of a lifetime really – talking and measuring, smelling the leather, admiring the workmanship.

Shamss worked for Hermes and for Devocoux for 18 years – need I say more about his workmanship?
He fell in love in California married and they are expecting their second child…. here in Aptos – where he loves building the finest saddles.

He makes an incredible custom saddle to order with unmatched quality anywhere. Mine will be ready soon… you better get in line before the wait is too long…

I am so proud to ride now and in the future for Gravity Saddles.
“The best is yet to come.”

Kelly McKnight's photo.

Kelly McKnight's photo.
Kelly McKnight's photo.

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