We are now putting together a calender for the 2015 horse show season…. a calender of possibilities…

We are planning to start up again like last year-
at the end of March
with a couple weeks on the perfect grass footing
of San Juan Capistrano.

All young horses have free entries and show on the derby field…
perfect for all our horses – a pleasurable place to be and show…
a nice clean place to start the year with good competition and good prize money.

Blenheim Spring Classic II
March 31 – April 4
$10,000 1.30m Scarlett’s Derby

Blenheim Spring Classic III

April 8 – 12

$25,000 1.40m Markel Insurance Grand Prix

then still in April we do Woodside –
again really good for the young horses –
especially after having a nice warm SoCal experience on the grass
a change to the sand footing and the different environment they could expect to show well on their “home court”.

then in May there’s lots of choices to choose from… from Sonoma to Oregon…
to Canada
and back to Woodside in June or…
many choices in any direction throughout the Summer months.

And then later in the Summer…

a trip south again
to Showpark in August.
then it looks like it might be –
Sonoma in September
Paso Robles in October
Las Vegas in November

and so
here are the inks to the horse show offices –

San Juan Capistrano and Del Mar Show Park –
Woodside –

Sonoma –

Paso Robles in May for the inaugural event – could be HOT?-
and then again in October when the kinks are out and the weather is for sure better..

Bend Oregon in May sounds fun? – http://www.alliedhorseshows.com/

There is always — Canada???
Thunderbird – http://www.tbird.ca/schedule.asp?date=5/1/2015#Calendar
online entry links for most of the shows-

horseshowtime –

Equestrian Connect –
Showgrounds live – (Sonoma)

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