Blenheim Spring Classics Were Wonderful

What a great way to start the year. Blenheim Equisports put on a great couple shows. The footing was perfect and the Young Jumpers had free entry fees… And our horses did outstandingly well. IMG_5890

Elle (Highland Elegance) was competitive every start wining a couple of the 7yr old jumper classes and always in the money. Already qualifying for the Blenheim Young Horse Series Final in September and two rounds under her belt towards qualifying for the YJC  Finals in August… IMG_5896       Zan Chin was a player too. Winning a speed round one day and coming up 5th in the Derby before we packed up and headed home. It was so fun to ride on those wonderfully prepared grass fields – especially the derby – the grob, the bank all  the natural obstacles and the extended course are so much fun!

Thanks to Blenheim Equisports for what you are doing for the young jumpers!


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