Pinch punch first of the month…. and all that…

Hello and good day –
I'm simply writing to let you know I'm back – back in (Pescadero) town that is and thought you ought to know.

From what I've heard you'll either want to lock up your horses or get them out and ride 'em… I'm not sure which.

But let it be known – I'm back and back up to the same basic stuff at the farm in Pescadero as I used to be – but with a bit more experience now – training horses that is.

We've had a fine relationship in the past where I'd enjoyed working with you and your horses to try to achieve certain goals. Well, I'm available again if you could use my help. Give me a call, drop me a note or stop by – I will be working on the farm non-stop for a while to bring it back to life after a couple years of atrophy… There is lot's of fence to mend… and there is room now for a few more good horses/clients – especially for each of you.

And – please – if you hear of someone else looking to improve their horsemanship skills or fine tuning their riding, please let them know I am here and am looking for a few good horses to work for…

I'm truly hoping this finds you and yours in a terrific place!
It sure is beautiful here in Pescadero – It's nice to be home!

All the best,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kelly McKnight


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