Buck shows us a thing or two…


I went up to the Buck Brannaman clinic yesterday in Pasadena with Will SImpson. It was across from Flintridge which brought back some real memories. We had such a good time listening to his delivery and wisdom. Fun, funny and inspiring. Got a chance to meet and chat with the legend.  I got thank him on behalf of all the horses we have ridden.

There were a few things that really struck a chord for me – things I believed in already my whole life and was so glad to hear him say with an audience to hear. I truly appreciated everything he had to say about the horses. He really is doing a great job spreading a great philosophy – his approach to sharing with his attendees was awesome.

If you get a chance – go see it or better yet ride in it – it would do us all some good to focus on the basics of what he has to offer. To master them would be even better. Will said on the way home he was hopeful he could make a bridle horse one day that jumped the Grand Prix with a loose rein or no reins at all… let’s hope so Will. That would be so cool to see you do it without picking up your reins.

I’d suggest if you haven’t already seen the movie watch that too – and the book Ground Work: The First Impression – good investments…The movie is a bit Hollywood but still great.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kelly McKnight


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