The Results are in… Santa Barbara was a hit!

Nino was champion in the 1.22s (as he ought to be). Granted this is a step down from his usual level but hay he hasn’t been out for about 6 months!

Armani was reserve champion in the 1.15 – his story is different – looking for his sweat spot – he likes it here, then… we’ll see… it is a shame we can’t seem to get him to show to his potential. GP in the warm ups!

Dream had her first pony jumper experience and to do it at Santa Barbara hmmm? Was that such a good idea. Not positive. She did fine… well in fact and Sophia Starkman did a great job riding her considering Dream had no experience.


Narina and George each jumped great in the open – just had showjumpers luck and carried one rail apiece. Placing them 6th and 7th respectively. Team Starkman in force!

Lots of fun coaching the whole team!


Thanks to all the Starkmans, the HInds, Jose, the Ingals, Devon, Sheila for all the fun.

Thanks to Professional’s Choice for there product support.


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